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Words French Translation – Mots

MOTS Hardcover

In this emotional and highly visual picture book, a lonely letter sets off on a journey to find meaning. As it encounters various letter combinations, it is confronted by two distinct paths and must make an important choice.

Readers of all ages will be captivated by this simple, yet high concept, story that explores universal themes of discovery, relationships and the need to belong, with an underlying message about bullying.

Both timeless and original, Words is an evocative tale about how letters become words and words create meaning – meaning which could ultimately build or destroy.

 “WORDS” Picture Book
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Creative Commons License
Words by Lora Rozler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

71 thoughts on “Words

  1. dear and divine …….. Alphabets forms the words to inform the world their meaning ………. silence between the alphabets is true meaning and reflects inner silence ….. and that is beauty ……. thanks for a beautiful poetry ……. love all ….. ram0ram

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  2. If only more people could see mathematics like this, especially that dreaded word “algebra”. The letters and symbols find each other, regroup, and tell you something new and often surprising. As with writing it is sometimes the physical arrangement of the symbols and sometimes the ideas revealed, jumping out in surprising ways. And when it gets messy and inelegant the feeling comes “this isn’t going anywhere”, and it’s time to crumple it up and start afresh.

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  3. This spoke to me as a man, a dad and a writer. That letter on the page … it can be a lonely place. But love makes great things possible. And when they’re together, look where letters can take us. This is the perfect read to end my day.

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  4. This is absolutely beautiful, Lora! I love the idea of the “journey” the word takes to form a piece of writing and how positive tones can really change the outcome of the piece. Thank you for sharing!


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    • Thank you for your comment Jean. Words certainly create a life of their own, don’t they.
      ‘Words’ will soon pop into a book of its own. Would love to hear your feedback on its new ‘home’. 🙂 Looking forward!


  7. Letter translates to Akshara in Sanskrit, meaning that which is indestructible and limitless. Like the words in your poem, may the letter ‘e’ roll on in endless permutations and combinations to enliven, enlighten, edify and enrich lives everywhere. Best…


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