March Break Poem

marchbreakthumbnailHello and happy Thursday.  Being back to school this week, after the March Break, reminded me of a poem I wrote several years ago when I taught Grade 3. Since I teach Kindergarten this year and younger students have an especially harder time seeing things from another perspective, I thought this would be a rather nice exercise for them.  After giving students a chance to talk about their Break, I shared the poem with them and a nice discussion stemmed from it, along with a few laughs.  It also lent itself into a great Recount Writing piece.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.  To view or download a copy for yourself, click the photo.

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2 thoughts on “March Break Poem

  1. How clever and absolutely truthful! I never thought of taking that angle with my students. I will try it on my Grade 1 students tomorrow. Thanks!


  2. Cute poem. I like that it’s simple enough to use with my K class. Too late to use it for this year but I will definitely use it for next year. I love that you included the Writing template. Thx


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