Teacher’s Corner At A Glance

Teachers, here are all the Teacher’s Corner posts at a glance:

Teaching with Monkeys

The Giant and I

Happy Thanksgiving

Apples Big and Apples Small, Apples, Apples, One and All

Making Back-to-School a Success

Back-to-School Favourites

Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar???

Please Stay Awhile

Kings in the Corner

Three Lessons My First Year in Teaching Taught Me

This is Not Goodbye!

Every Ending is a New Beginning

Father’s Day

Alphabet Bingo

When I Get Older …


Mother’s Day

My Favourites – April 2014

Sight Words BINGO!

Happy Earth Day

Learning with Caps – Recycled Play

All the Colours in the Sky

Poetry is calling …

My Favourites – March 2014

More of my favourite picture books …

Three Witty Goats Gruff Poem

There’s a Monster In My Bed

Encourage young readers

Journal Writing Prompts 2

Daily Journal Writing Prompts

March Break Poem


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