What It Feels Like To Get Lost In A Book

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Curl up in your bed, on the floor, the backseat of a car, the plastic bench of a train. Open up a book and walk into another person’s mind. Revel in the fact that you are looking into the crux of another human being. Get lost in the intricacies of the world they’re painting, in the nuances of their creativity, flowing and twisting into worlds fabricated out of thin air.

Fall so deeply into this imagined world, forget where you are. Stare at the pages as walls around you fall away, and words build new ones in their stead. Stop hearing anything that isn’t on the page in front of you. Let technology and love and friends and problems dissipate as you leave them behind, forget that there is anything other than you and the world in your hands.


Pull out a book when you need a break. Start…

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