Everything is a Blur – Artists on a Limb

GravatarHello everyone, welcome back to Words on Art. 

We have chosen words to go along with Irene’s painting submission Venus. We had asked you to submit your words and captions and we’ve gone through the entries and have chosen a successful submission. Thank you to all who participated.  We would like to present Hernán’s words. Enjoy!

Thank you for your submission Hernán.

And just like that, you are gone
The emptiness is deafening
A harpoon has left a jagged hole in my chest
I am locked in a tomb.

Where has it gone wrong? What was said? Where did the end, begin?
It’s so quiet. I can’t see clearly, I can’t feel my arms, my legs, my soul.
I’m an emptied vessel, thrown out after use.
Everything is a blur.

For our next art piece, we are showcasing Jasmine’s sketch. Thank you for your submission! It is an untitled piece.


We are once again inviting readers to capture the essence of the art by submitting writing pieces (captions, poems, short narratives, etc).

To participate, please submit your words on art to wordsonalimb@bell.net. Please write Words on Art in the subject line.  If you have an art piece that you would like us to consider for our next showcase, please feel free to email us a picture.

Please note that the art pieces must be your own creation.

Looking forward to your next Words on Art.



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