Happy Mother’s Day!

mothersDayRoses, cards, chocolates, cookies, breakfast in bed, you-name-it, Mother’s Day sure brings out the sweetest in us. Celebrated on the second Sunday in May each year, Mother’s Day is a time to honour our one and only – our precious Mother (or a mother figure in our life).

I am sure I speak on behalf of many moms out there when I say the most precious gift we can receive on Mother’s Day is one that is especially handcrafted for us. As a teacher I keep this in mind as we set out to cut, glue and craft a personal treasure that Mom will want to keep around for a very long time (if not forever). 

Below is a poem I wrote and plan to share with my students this week. Keeping in mind that not all children may have a mother in their life, I left the recipient open to include a figure that takes the place of a dominant caregiver, whether it be a grandmother, aunt, sister, etc. 


Creative Commons License

Under Your Wing by Lora Rozler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

For this year’s Mother’s Day craft, my students will be making a mobile frame, with the theme of my latest poem in mind. Here is a sample of the finished product.

Mobile frame – Back side


Front SIDE – option 1


front side – option 2

birds plate

To download a copy of the poem and the craft templates, for your personal use in the classroom, click on the heart image below.



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Let the countdown and crafting begin! 

Happy Mother’s Day!



20 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing this! I have been searching for something different to give as Mother’s Day gifts from my Kinders this year. I have two students whose Mom’s are unfortunately not in their lives. Your poem and craft idea is wonderful!

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    • Thank you Rebecca. I’m happy to share, especially when I know it will help our students feel included. And Mothers/caregivers sure do deserve it! 🙂 Thank you


  2. Thank you so much. I just went to the dollar store and bought these bird feeders for my classroom moms. This poem is just perfect to add to it. I will take a picture of the finished product.

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  3. Wow, I must say, this is by far one of the nicest Mother’s Day poems I have ever come across. I came to your site off a Facebook link in a Teachers group. Thank you for sharing your talent. I am going to use your craft and poem with my grade 1 class (admittedly, I shed a tear reading it – I have three kids of my own, call me a sentimental mom). Thanks again. Melinda

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    • Melinda, thank you for your KIND words – I’m truly flattered!! I am happy to share my work. I hope your students’ moms are going to enjoy their gift.
      Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! Hope to have you visit again 🙂


      • I will definitely be returning Lora. You have a great site here. I just read some of your other poems. beautiful stuff. Have a great Mothers Day too.

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