Artists on a Limb – Consumed Within

artAndwordsHello everyone and welcome back to Words on Art, where we invite artists and writers to collaborate and creatively blend brush strokes with words. We would like to thank Marc Mullo for his successful writing submission, Consumed Within, chosen to complement Emily Page’s untitled painting. We would love to hear your feedback on this creative blend. Feel free to share your thoughts in the reply box below. Thank you Emily and Marc.

4th Floor-watermarked

Consumed Within

Facing seemingly insurmountable odds in one’s life,
It’s quite a familiar feeling for me amidst such strife,
Relentless by an attack of enlightened proportions,
Ever feared and hurt towards mindful conclusions,
Fortunate not having overtaken our deep inner soul,
Igniting a sense of desperation can be a difficult goal,
Going through turbulent times feels like you’re alone,
Having the strength and courage can ease any tone,
Thankful of loving family and friends makes us whole!

mullo-cover1Marc W. Mullo is the author of Poetic Potpourri, an endearing collection of thoughts and emotionally evocative poetry. 

To learn more about Marc Mullo and his work, visit him here: 

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Our next Artists on a Limb submission is titled A Changing Perspective. It comes to us from my friend, Al Gord, whose passion and talent for art I only recently discovered. We are happy to feature his work and invite everyone to submit poetry, captions, short stories and other words to capture the essence of the art.


To learn more about Al Gord and his work, visit him here:

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Please send your writing to (please include Words on Art in the subject line).

Artists, if you have a piece you would like us to consider featuring on Artists on a Limb, please email us with Art Submission in the subject line. Please note, the art must be your original work.

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