Words on a Limb Bookshelf

Here are some amazing books to have on your bookshelf at home.

Fantastic book introducing kids to the concepts of discovery, relationships, the need to belong, bullying and adventure. Available in French as well.

Cute story book about a little girl and her conversation with a pie. Kids will love the delightful illustrations and the engaging story. Never has examining rules and consequences been so much fun.

This dynamic, beautifully illustrated picture book explores how the world says Thank You. Kids will discover the importance of gratitude in their everyday life.

A charming and gorgeously illustrated adaptation of the old time favourite. Kids will enjoy the engaging conversations between the clever goats and the fearsome troll.

This inspiring collection of poems for children range in topic from educational to humourous, from seasonal to downright heartwarming. With over 90 pages of poems that will become timely treasures.
Coming soon …

You can listen to these storybooks on our YouTube Channel.

Enjoy your reading!

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