About Me

“Thoughts, many thoughts, random thoughts, thoughts about what I’ve done, where I’ve been – thoughts occupy my mind and translate into letters upon letters, words upon words, sometimes saying nothing, sometimes saying it all.”  Me

Hello and welcome to my blog, Words on a Limb. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved writing; loved the power of words, the way they can create mood, evoke emotion and transform thinking. Much the same is my love for art; the way a single stroke can dance playfully on a page or wither in sadness, depending on its tilt, its size, its colour. The combination of the two is where Words On A Limb emerge, where paint splatters onto neatly written words, giving them a certain edge, if you will.

When I’m not writing, I’m dedicated to my full-time teaching career (teaching Kindergarten this year) and being a mom to my beautiful children (do the math – that leaves me with…hmmm…13 minutes to write every night). I have many goals, some immediate (learning to blog; #html_is_hell!) and some longer term (continue to publish children’s picture-books). All of these are coming along just fine, I’m happy to say.

Words On A Limb is not a solo pursuit. Picture it as a café, where you meet like-minded friends, sometimes you bring a notebook with some thoughts you had, other times you just come to listen with an open mind. Please feel free to comment, send in your suggestions and even share your own words on a limb.

Thank you for your time,


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91 thoughts on “About Me

  1. in reading your review of Amanda I went further to find words on a Limb. The poem you wrote inspires me to write another poem – on PO. the number one word in the world – yet hidden from us. Why hidden when it is in front of us all the time? it is the first two letters of so many important words. POem, POlitical, POlite, POlicy, POwer, POtency, POtent, POtential, POor, POpe, POntificate, POlemic, and let me stop there as I have one use for PO – a Peace Opportunity – a word one uses when one desires to communicate more effectively, to learn to share and ultimately to love.

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  2. Hi Lora. I love the written word and art, but unlike you, I can’t draw or paint! It does take time, effort and discipline to write when you have such a busy life. Great that you are writing though! Best.

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  3. You have a lovely place to converge, here, and I smiled reading about you. I look forward to stopping in again.

    My best wishes,


  4. you wrote a wonderful blog intro with “Picture it as a café, where you meet like-minded friends, sometimes you bring a notebook with some thoughts you had, other times you just come to listen with an open mind…”

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  5. Hi Lora. How wonderful you have combined your painting and writing. To me I feel like an artist forming my words as an artist creates on canvas. May I thank you so much for calling by and wanting to follow my poetry adventures. So nice to meet you. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  6. Words on an empty page… 😉
    I’m a writer too but I call myself a world citizen and I believe In the law of cause-effect, every action during the time we spend in the samsara, will be “recorded” in our karma. I follow the Buddhist path and I do believe in Jesus as a great Bodhisattva… there could be a really better world if religious hegemony wouldn’t be at work. Yes reincarnation is a tangible reality and everybody should take it very seriously; memorizing that every action we take (good or bad) will have a direct effect on our next reincarnation… Maybe knowing and deeply believing this, we wouldn’t do any harm to other living creatures or to our Mother Earth.
    Because of that, every written word shall bring people to deeply search inside themselves, and I guess this is the same reason why you write too.
    Serenity and thank you for following my blog 🙂 claudine

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    • Claudine, I agree with you entirely – our words, much like our actions trail close behind us. How we use them and treat others certainly imprints in our karma. Thank you for your insight 🙂

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  7. Lora I love the title you gave your blog…………. after some reading it fits nicely. Thanks for stopping by and look forward to enjoying your thoughts and views.


  8. Thanks for visiting and following my page, your page is also very fabulous, my friends may be interested cuz some of them so love poem and stuffs like that. If you have time, visit mine again for fun trinhmanhdo.com. THanks much 😉


    • Thank you Trinh – you have a great page. I will visit again for sure. Thanks for your lovely words – would love to see your friends come by for a visit as well 🙂


  9. “a café, where you meet like-minded friends.” I love that expression. Some blog to get ego satisfaction, but I like the reason you’ve given for sharing your thoughts. I look on blogging as a learning experience and seek out those who have something to contribute to my storehouse of knowledge.


    • Thank you, Ian. My view on blogging is much like yours 🙂 It’s a lot like watching a really cool movie and wanting to bounce thoughts/ideas/opinions about it with others. Thank you for your time and feedback. Looking forward to more exchanges with you!

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