My Dreams Are Valid


“I think I’m failing a course”.

“You?! You’re kidding right? How could you fail a course?”

Well, it’s quite simple. I lost focus because I lost the drive. Other things were happening and instead of worrying about school I went on a journey to figure myself out. I failed because I chose to learn about myself this year, more than ever before.

But mainly, I was able to fail because I am human.

You know that saying, “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room” – I have learned the truth and value in that. This past year I have went to hear people speak at events, read tons of books and works written about and by brilliant people, introduced myself to a whole new world beyond textbooks and stressing over standardized testing. Entrepreneurs, business people, survivors of tragic events, CEO’s, philanthropists  and…

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