Artists on a Limb – Shades of Perfection

GravatarHello and welcome to our newest feature, Artists on a Limb.

On occasion we will post some art pieces and invite you to write a caption that captures the essence of the image. 

Thank you Carl for capturing our first Words on Art.

girl in tree-Recovered

I wake.  

Slowly I turn over in bed hoping to catch
a glimpse of the centre of my world.
She is not there.
For a nanosecond, dread overcomes me
as dark memories of a similar nightmare
run through my mind.
But just as quickly, the fear vanishes
as I see your bare back stretched
in front of the villa’s bay window.
I take a mental picture.

The sun is shining, almost through you.
The curtains are swaying in the breeze,
enveloping you as if reading my mind.
Your hair is calm beneath an elegant sombrero.
Interesting shadows hit your body in odd places,
calling attention to all your shades of perfection.
I drink it all in, enjoying every moment.
As always, you sense me around you
and I see a smile break.

Here is our next art piece.  Let’s get creative.  Send in your captions, writing pieces, poems, to  The selected entry will be posted in our next Words on Art feature.


Sad girl

Have a great week!


Creative Commons License
Shades of Perfection by Lora Rozler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


3 thoughts on “Artists on a Limb – Shades of Perfection

    • Hi Donna. I did not write the piece. My friend, Carl, saw my drawing and was inspired to write those beautiful words. I am trying to convince him to write a novel. 🙂 Enjoy the beautiful day!


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