Artists on a Limb – Mi Amante

GravatarWelcome back to Words on Art, where we invite artists and writers to collaborate and creatively blend brush strokes with words. We would like to thank Steven H. for his successful writing submission, chosen to complement Jasmine’s untitled art sketch. Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts in the Reply box below. Thank you Steven and Jasmine.


Mi Amante

The sound of waves crashing stirs my sleepy thoughts. Is it my phone’s ocean sound alarm at home, or perhaps the real thing in a far way continent?

In the deep recesses of my mind, a little process begins;  deciphering the randomness of the water crashing, the deep timber roar of the ocean, the lush feel of the fabric that makes the pillow case under my head at this moment. Then there is the salty smell of the sea in the air, something you can definitely not duplicate. Little sub-routines in my brain begin processing the information and the result makes me smile wide inside my dreamy mind.

Memories start pouring in, you getting dressed for our trip, your big brown eyes wide with excitement, your long hair resplendent. The luxurious plane ride, the stylish car sent to pick us up from the Barcelona airport, and finally the arrival at the villa. 

Your smile fills my half-waking dreams, when you opened the curtains and saw the Mediterranean Sea stretching out as far as the eye could see, the way you turned and kissed me with excitement.  These are all cup-overflowing feelings of bliss that greet me this morning.

Our next Artist on a Limb submission comes from Jana.  The name of the art piece is Peach and Bear.  Writers, please submit your poems, captions, short stories and other words to capture the essence of the art.

Send your work to, with Words on Art in the subject line.


If you have an art piece you would like us to consider for Artists on a Limb, please email us with Art Submission in the subject line. Please note, the art must be your original work.

Thanks everyone – looking forward, as always.




8 thoughts on “Artists on a Limb – Mi Amante

  1. My take on the sketch, inspired by the hand clasping.
    “I know you are awake. You cannot sleep. You can only pretend and wait, counting the seconds in the dark, your pent up grief holding you stiff and inert.
    “Don’t hide away from me, don’t shut me out. Let me hold you! I need to hold you, to feel your pain against mine. Don’t turn away!
    “Do you think I don’t remember her, our little angel? Her cries torment me, her laughter haunts me.
    “I know you keep her soft toy under your pillow, and when you think I am asleep, you take it out and hold it against your face. Only then you fall asleep.
    “You don’t talk to me, you don’t want to listen to me. Let me hold your hand at least. Don’t deny me this.”
    (If this is meant to be a collaboration only between one artist and writer, feel free to delete my post.)

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