LIGHTS – Happy Holidays!



Laughter fills the room, so jolly

Igniting love, all pure and warm

Giving in abundant spirit

Hearts are marking, this is home

Tables hosting grand delights

Special moments, frozen in time


                              – Lora

cheersWords On a Limb would like to wish you and your family a happy, healthy and safe Holiday Season.

May your homes be filled with endless LIGHT!


7 thoughts on “LIGHTS – Happy Holidays!

    • Light can be interpreted to mean many things – an energy, a Higher Being, etc. For me, being with the people I love most is the closest experience of Light. Hence, the poem. I experience this feeling of ‘Light’ on other occasions as well – helping others, giving charity, etc. Wishing others happiness, joy and Light is a way of wanting to share that love with others. What are your thoughts? 🙂


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