There’s a Monster In My Bed

There’s a Monster In My Bed
By Cindy (age 8)

There's a monster in my bedmonster-buddy
     He made me bump my head
He followed me to school
     I told him it ain't cool
I begged him to go home
     To a cozy place in Rome
He jumped up on my chair
     And then he pulled my hair
I pushed him to the ground
     He landed with a frown
There's no monster in my bed
     I shooed him from my head

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Chicken Cacciatore … for the single guy

chicken cacciatoreChicken Cacciatore for the Soul
by Mauricio Bonifaz (former single guy)


So you want to impress that cute girl from the accounting department, but the last recipe you made was macaroni and cheese … from the box.  Just because mom is not around doesn’t mean you have to eat substandard food, especially if the object of your affection will be looking for your cooking skills.  Here’s a sure-fire recipe to make the right impression.

First, turn the TV off, get off your butt and drag it to the nearest grocery store and grab the following:

  • 1 can of diced tomatoes (get the Primo or Unico, don’t be cheap)
  • Grab a sweet onion and a Spanish onion
  • Next a garlic bulb
  • A small can of sliced olives
  • Now the important part – grab a package of skinless chicken thighs
    (make sure it’s skinless, especially if your girl is health conscience)
  • While you’re in the spices aisle, grab some oregano, basil, Italian Spice and cumin.
  • White vinegar – you won’t need this for the recipe, but you’ll need it to clean that filthy bird
  • Also, get some long grain rice
  • A bottle of Shiraz and you are set my friend

Pay the cashier and make you way home (hopefully not your mom’s house – wince).
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