Writing Art – Capturing Emotion Through Art

Capturing Emotion Through Art

Writing Art by Al Gord


“Artists talk to themselves on canvas, mumbling scattered colors of emotion”

~Terri Guillemets


paintingOne of the most powerful things about an artist’s work is the emotion captured within the piece, invoked by the art or which inspires the product. Artists focus on areas of passion, topics that move them, subjects that inspire them and experiences and feelings that remain with them. Whether explicit or implicit, every artistic work represents some part of an artist. It is through the canvas where I share my innermost feelings and where my passions come to life for others to see.

At first glance, the viewer may be struck by the style of the piece or the imagery of the work. Sometimes that is all that is needed to get the meaning of a piece, that is, the intent behind the artist’s work. But what of the works that are not as obvious? How does one make meaning or begin to understand what the artist might be experiencing or in my case what the painter hopes to convey?

In my work emotion is expressed through the people; their body language, the position of their figures and the expression on their faces, but the feelings intended to be conveyed are also expressed through the background. In examining the piece below I invite you to move beyond the obvious. I carefully choose the pose, the title (taken from song lyrics) and the colours to create a specific mood. I challenge you to look past the music icon himself and the intensity on his face. Instead, I invite you to reflect on the colours chosen, the layout of the background, and the use of lines and abstract techniques. What emotion does this stir up in you? What do you think I was feeling as I created this piece?


 “I am the Chosen, I’m the One”

Portrait of Lenny Kravitz


Next time you have a chance to look at various works of art – look a little deeper! Consider what you think the artist is trying to say, trying to share, wanting you to feel. While he or she has an intended purpose, the connection you make with the piece influences your emotional response; something which is unique to you. That is why each individual is drawn to certain artists and to certain works; the underlying emotional connection, realized or not, that the viewer forms with the art and the artist.

JimmeAlGordAl Gord is an up and coming artist who uses abstract techniques with figurativism to create Modern Romantic (Uninhibited) Expressionist pieces and Rock Icon Portraitures. He also creates pieces which focus on mental health awareness and advocacy. Regardless of the subject matter his signature style is clearly recognizable. His work is showcased on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where he welcomes inquiries, questions, and feedback.

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