Happy Mother’s Day!



Mother’s Day

“Your hands surround me like a wall,
And wait to catch me if I fall.
our hands feed me when I hunger
A mother’s hands are like no other.”

Happy Sunday everyone.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and with that begins our search for fresh craft ideas for the classroom (for us teachers, that is).  I’d like to share a poem that I wrote, along with a craft idea.  Feel free to download a copy of the poem and the card templates to use in your classrooms.  I included various cover and greeting options.  Feel free to mix and match.  The flower craft requires a bit of judgement depending on your students’ age group, so you may want to use it as an extra or as a standalone craft.

Here are 2 cover options and 2 inner card options:

Mother's Day 1

Card Cover

Mother's Day 4

Card Cover Option 2

Mother's Day 3 - blank

Blank for inside card

Mother's Day 2

Inside Card Poem






Here are some photos of the completed Mother’s Day Craft:

Flower Sample

Sample of Flower craft

Card Open

Inside the card

Final Product

Front cover

Here is a poem I wrote for Mother’s Day:


Here is another card option. Simply print, fold in half, fold in half again and voila:


Happy Crafting! Have a wonderful week everyone!

I would love it if you shared your finished products with us.

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