And Then There’s Darkness

old lady  Slowly she arrives at her destination.

Just before reaching for the door, she adjusts the glasses over her thinning grey hair. The doors today seem as heavy as her weary heart.

She hits the large wheelchair button instead and waits as it slowly opens, welcoming her, one last time. A bittersweet smile paints her lips as she recalls days long ago. Continue reading

This Used To Be My Playground

GravatarBy Lora

There are many vivid imprints in my mind from days long gone. These beautiful memories live within me and define my childhood. As I go through my day, fulfilling one obligation after another, running from one commitment to the next, sometimes I wish I could just for a moment close my eyes, travel back in time and instantly be there again – the red slide that spiraled for days, the raised stage that I had to jump really high to see past, the zoo only minutes from my home, the convenience store that catered to my sweet tooth, the sprinkler I skinned my knee on, and on it goes.

Years ago, I had a chance to go back to visit my homeland, a place I left 26 years ago but still consider a home of sorts. Nothing prepares you for the feeling you get when you embark on your journey to the past – the nostalgia, the longing, the reminiscent this used to be my playground.

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